Suite 6 - Jasmine

The Pond House is a standalone bungalow overlooking a natural lotus-filled pond with two suites facing each other. Ideal for two couples or a family of four or five, it is minutes to the main plantation house and equal distance to the swimming pool at the edge of Illuketia estate.
For those seeking blissful solitude amongst the lush garden and wildlife in passing, this is the house to be in. Yet, it is not completely cut off from the village houses nearby. The open living room of the Pond House has grand couches and armchairs straddling the two suites. Here you can enjoy breakfast or any meal brought in from the main house. Sunbeds on the verandah give you the stretch you need to look out for the splashing monitor lizard and the exotic birds overhead.
Each air-conditioned suite has its own distinct interior with a spacious outdoor shower and private garden.
The Jasmine Suite of the Pond House has a breathtaking Oriental wedding bed richly ornamented with gold and lacquer. The room has ceiling fans and an air-conditioner. Step outside to a bathroom and toilet with an enclosed garden.